Gypsy Activa on the Tracks After Morgiri, I felt the need to visit Ghanagad and Tailbail. I needed timeout from my stress too. I wante...

Solo Ride and Trek to Ghanagad & Tail Bail 5 December 2015

Gypsy Activa on the Tracks
After Morgiri, I felt the need to visit Ghanagad and Tailbail. I needed timeout from my stress too. I wanted to spend some time alone as well. Travelling & Trekking solo is always a liberating experience. You tend to become more cautious and careful. Being single also adds a sense of responsibility towards yourself.  

During preparation for a solo ride, Firstly, I created a note which had numbers of people who could assist if anything goes wrong whilst on hike, along with numbers of a bike mechanic, a truck driver and a local family who stays near Ghanagad. I also made another copy of this note and stuck it under Activa seat in a plastic bag.

As usual on the night before the trek, I photographed the pages from our Trekking Bibles.
(Dongaryatra & Dongaryatret pahilelya Durgavastu, both books by Shri. Anand Palande Sir.) 

My survival kit contains of Stun gun along with other things like chords, Swiss knife etc. This stun gun looks like a lip stick and is capable of putting even a sloth bear under a state of shock for some (good) 30 minutes.

Per Google Maps, the distance from my home to Ekole, the base of Ghanagad was 84 kms, another 10 to Tailbail and return would have been 103, Thus totaling roughly 200 kms. Considering Activa’s day to day average, 5 ltrs would have been enough. Activa Fuel Tank was filled to capacity (6ltrs) and I also carried another 3 ltrs in a canister.  I listed the villages sequentially and made 2 copies of it. I handed over one copy to mom along with the emergency contact grid.

Additionally, I also carried a puncture repair kit and a small hand pump just in case. The basic tool kit provided by Honda is always part of my riding kit. (Out of love for bikes, I had done a certificate course of bike maintenance few years ago.) The riding gear consisted of jacket, helmet and gloves.
Like a routine trek, I packed ample of food, some 4 ltrs of water and 1 ltr of canned juices and buttermilk.

I rode off on my Honda Activa on early morning of 5 December 2015. And before I started I informed mom that if I don’t call her by 7 PM, she may trigger the rescue process.

Timed Selfie at Independence Point
Be it any vehicle, the early morning rides are always pleasant. Since it was Saturday, I wasn’t expecting many people on the trails. From Nive, I took the road heading to Pimpry Village and made my first pit stop at Independence point. This place offers splendid view of Kundalika Valley and Pinnacles Kundalika and Navaji.

From here I made my way straight to Ekole without any further stops. Time was already 1015 when I reached base of Ghanagad. It was clear indication that I had not only started late but also that I had rode slowly. The road post Nive is almost nonexistent, so delay was obvious.

At Ghanagad Base
Knowing that Ghanagad isn’t a long trail I was not much alarmed. I left the riding gear in Activa bootspace and started the hike. In no time, I reached Garjai Temple. Took a small photo break and continued. It took me about 25 mins to reach the caves. Here, I sat for minutes and drank some water and hiked further on the ladder. Ghanagad is the only fort where I have come across a well built toilet. Thanks to Shivaji Trail.

I was eager to go to the top as I wanted to see Tailbail from the closest distance. After a brief photo session, I came back to the caves. Sat and consumed a sandwich and some juice.

Water Cistern at Ghanagad

 It was about 1300 when I started walking down and hike was real short! I geared up again for the ride and zoomed off to Tailbail. Google maps had been pretty accurate with distances as the distance from my home to Ekole to Bhambarde had worked out 89 kms as suggested.

The road to Tailbail is much better and in no time I was at Tailbail. I parked Activa in shadow of a big tree and asked an elderly man for directions. He was very precise and also asked if I was there to join another group which was already climbing there.

A closer view of Dyke
Tailbail is a dyke formed few hundred thousand years ago due to volcanic eruptions. It has been climbers’ paradise since evolution of rock climbing for humans. The trail is well trodden and one would hardly lose their way to the pass between the two dykes. There is a newly constructed small temple. When I reached there, a group as mentioned by Mama from village was climbing. They had a plan to stay there and climb even on next day. I watched them for few moments and started to climb down.

I returned to my bike in about 45 minutes and started the return journey home. It was almost 1800 when I reached Mulashi. I called mom and informed her that I should be home by 1930.

And it was exactly 1930 when I reached home.

TailBail as seen from Ghanagad
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