When we reached Jhansi it was well past 9PM. We took an auto and he agreed to drop us to Orchha. We were kind of worried about our safety;...

MP Trip Feb 2021 - Day Two, Three and half Orchha and Jhansi


When we reached Jhansi it was well past 9PM. We took an auto and he agreed to drop us to Orchha. We were kind of worried about our safety; I shared my live location with a friend back home. But the auto driver seemed to be good guy and he dropped us near our homestay. The homestay owner - uncle checked us in and we requested if we could get some Aloo Paratha They obliged us with freshly made just for us.

The room was too good for the charge we paid. It had been a long day and thankfully everything had gone well. We slept off fast.


 Day Three

Gunjan had woken up early and been for Yoga on the rooftop. I chose to sleep in for some more time. We started off a bit late in morning. First on the list was Ram Raja Sarkar Palace – Temple. The mobile phones were to be switched off and no photography was allowed. The Ram Raja Sarkar is believed to be the governing authority of this locality.

After the Darshan we went to Chaturbhuj Temple, Jehangir Mahal and Raja Mahal. The Raja mahal has some good frescos which are being conserved. The paintings are depicting scenes from mythology and Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

The day was getting hot and now we were also very hungry. Gunjan recommended a place “Café Nomads” for lunch. We went there and food was delicious. I am somewhat skeptical about online recommendations, but they proved me wrong.

Now we were close to the famous Orchha Chhatris - the cenotaphs. There are 9 Chhatris, out of which six are being maintained and visitors are allowed. Three chhatris were closed out of which one is biggest of all: Raja Veer Singh Dev’s chhatri.

It was around 3PM and we desperately needed a break now. So, we went to the homestay and rested  for some time. Now last one on list was Lakshmi Temple which was less than a kilometer away from 

our homestay. So at 415 PM we again started our odyssey. The Lakshmi Temple is somewhat on a hillock. It is huge structure with outer wall and sanctum sanctorum inside. The idol of Lakshmiji is not big but the temple is functional yet i.e. Puja is performed daily.

The walls from inner side have been painted with several mythological stories along with some of those from certain battles of Indian upsurge of 1857AD against British rule. We spent quiet some quite time here and then the security guard told us it was about closing time, hence we left.

There is a huge Baobab tree which is named as  “Kalpavriksha”  and is also being marketed as  by MPTDC and I have no clue why… We went there just out of curiosity and I couldn’t find any reason to call it a Kalpavriksha – a tree that grants every wish.

We wanted to see the lights of Chhatris from opposite side of the river, however the way was sealed with barbed wire, so we returned to main town of Orccha and went to attend the Aarati at Ram Raja Sarkar Temple at 7 PM.

It was really enchanting to see the faith of so many people in one place. As I mentioned earlier The Ram Raja Sarakar is believed to be the governing authority of this locality, hence every evening before Aarati, a guard of honor is performed by local police.

After Aarati, we did little shopping of glass bangles with some bits and bobs. Then the very delicious gujia found their way in our tummies and in the bags along with few other delicacies.

We returned to the room and requested uncle to oblige us with dinner. Meantime, we packed considering that both of us were to take our separate trains next day to our respective destinations. (Bedding!) Uncle also arranged for an auto to pick us up next day early morning. There was an elderly couple who was staying at same homestay asked if they could join us, we were happy to have them.

For a change, we slept pretty early that night. 


Day Four

We woke up well in time, got ready and auto driver arrived on time. It was pleasantly cold when we drove to Jhansi. We wanted to keep our luggage in the cloak room at the station but they won’t accept because it was not locked. They sent us to some toilet facility at the entrance of the railway station who accepted our big backpacks with some charge. We took an auto to Jhansi fort which is like 3 kms away from the station.

The fort is a small structure on a hill top. The fortification is strong yet and the monument is managed by ASI. We took a walk along with the fortification. The Indian Tricolour was flurrying high on the fort which obviously reminded me why the queen sacrificed herself in the battle.  (Not exactly in the battle but while being chased!) Looking at time, we cut short our trip on the fort and returned to the railway station. Soon after Gunjan left for her next destination and thankfully my train arrived on time.





Few highlights of the trip were:

1) Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are really developing good in all senses.

2) Toilets were really clean no matter where we went. Be it monuments, railway stations or roadside restaurants, anywhere everywhere.

3) All the cell phone services had good coverage again anywhere everywhere. Whilst on our auto ride from Jhansi to Orchha, I shared my live location for about 45 minutes and it did not drop even for 10 seconds.

4) I wore somewhat fancy touristy clothes like shorts and tunics and did not have to face eve teasing even once.

5) No cheating, no extra charge, no unnecessary hi hellos, no pictures without our knowledge, no uncomfortable advances…perfectly safe for ladies!!!

This trip was like meant for some peace of mind to by bringing pieces of mind together! Gunjan love you loads for this trip and beyond!

Fact File:

Pune to Thane: Shivneri 450 Rs.

Thane to CSMT: Ameya dropped us

CSMT to Gwalior:  Rajdhani Express departure 1600 and arrival at Gwalior at 0615.

Gwalior Stay:

Seth Vidhichand Dharamshala 1500 for one night

Room was ok ok types but expensive for charge we paid.

Gwalior intra- city transit:

Hired a bike for 2 days at Rs 500 per day.

Vendor: rent my UFO. Contact: Bunny Bhaiyya: 9669229053

Contact info:

Gwalior to Jhansi

MP State Transport bus: Rs. 150 each

Jhansi to Orchha and back:

Private auto rickshaw: Rs. 300 one way.

Orchha: we went around on foot as everything is well within city limits.

 Lunch at Café Nomads: Aloo Paratha and Curd Rice

Orchha Stay: Rs. 600 per night (two nights) Hotel Sunset